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Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped with Love

May 16, 2015

Enveloped with love, these Mother and Child stray cats find security in each other’s arms; finding comfort even in just a small, improvised house or ‘room’ — a carton box.



Tycoon Henry Sy’s “Shoemart Exclusive” circa 60’s? At Si Pitz!!!

April 15, 2015

I had a serendipitous encounter with a pair of shoes tagged “Shoemart Exclusive.” Have you ever seen one? Well, I found it in our cabinet. Though quite off my blog theme, I wanted to write about it anyway. I like “artifacts” or “historical pieces” if you may call them. And I already consider my find as ‘cultural pieces,’ since they can surely be used as props in period film making for example. Haha!


Looking at them, I wondered and asked myself: Had the richest man in the Philippines, tycoon Henry Sy, SM founder, worn this type as well? Maybe he did! Afterall, he started the first Shoemart store. And he could have possibly sported one for a demo of what he was selling at the time. What do you think?


Pitz and Henry Sy’s Shoemart Exclusive

The pair of SM shoes must have been made circa 60s, maybe in the 70s. I don’t really know! But Mr. Henry Sy should know. The shoe pair was kept well by one of my four elder brothers so it still looks good. Pwede ring nagkalyo sya noon kaya hindi na ginamit… itinambak na lang. Hahaha!

Anyway, I surfed looking for similar shoe type to compare it with so as to approximate the date based on the design but I have not found any! so, for SM shoe buffs… here’s for you! An SM historical artifact by now!!

Presenting: Shoemart Exclusive with our loveable PITZ, a half askal-Jap Spitz who is celebrating his 3rd birthday today!!!


Happy 3rd Birthday Pitz!!!


Pitz – three years ago. His first day with us…direct from Cartimar Pet shop. Look at his prominently large ears!!


Pitz: “Makatulog nga uli! Naistorbo ako!” [Notice that I positioned the shoe pair to echo the position of Pitz. The black and white division is quite clear; the graphic elements of pattern and repetition are used]


Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus_Oliver the Cat

August 26, 2014

Oliver on his post… I played on cam aperture / depth of field

Oliver in Focus

Oliver in Focus

Oliver Out of Focus

Background in Focus

Oliver in Focus2

Oliver in Focus again


My 2012 in Photos

January 1, 2013


Portraits of Pitz, Askal-Jap Spitz Puppy and Oliver, the “Pusakal”

November 30, 2012

First CANON Shots_Pitz2a

First CANON Shots_Pitz3

First CANON Shots_Pitz

First CANON Shots_Pitz4

These are the very, first shots that I took after buying Canon D600 last month — the portraits of Pitz, our Japanese Spitz / askal puppy, and his serious “Uncle” Oliver, a “pusakal” [stray cat] we adopted long before we got Pitz from Cartimar. It was quite a challenge to follow focus on their faces. I am very happy with the outcome anyway…got their moods!

1st Canon 600D shot


Stray Cats

October 5, 2012

I used to see a fish vendor who had five to seven adopted stray cats. Because there are so many of them, I also witnessed how they fought over a fish for their food. Now that I have closely reviewed their fotos and studied their features, I saw scars and expressions of a difficult life in their faces. They sadly reminded me of street children in our cities and how similar their fate and conditions are. However, amidst the inevitable fight for survival, there are times when love and friendship dominate. The world is full of poignant moments such as these ones.

Ready to Fight the World!

When there is Love, there is Harmony

Notice that the cat on the right is blind.

The same cat above is now more somber. Our white cat Oliver is also a stray cat and we have adopted him for good!  He looks like this cat minus the bruises.  But instead of blue, he has yellow sclera.

Now, I do not see the fish vendor anymore neither any of the cats above.