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ALYANA Showing at Benitez Theater in UP, July 16

June 27, 2011

Once more, my docu ALYANA—A Study of Autism in the Philippines will be showing at the University of the Philippines. Its premiere screening was held on July 2006 at the UP Film Center. Sponsored again by Autism Society Philippines in collaboration with the University of the Philippines Special Education Council (UP SEC), the film is scheduled to be shown on July 16, 2011.

UP SEC is an active organization based in the UP College of Education promoting Special Education in the college, university, and the greater public. Because of this advocacy, UP SEC has been chosen as a finalist in the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations (TAYO) by the National Youth Commission (NYC) in 2005.

Through the years, UP SEC has been working towards establishing an organization that shall exemplify genuine concern for children in general and special learners in particular. UP SEC commits itself to forming a community that shall foster equality by providing opportunities to all individuals.

In commemoration of the 11th year of the organization, UP SEC will be hosting its major event, SPEDminar: A.C.H.I.E.V.E. (Awareness and Conquest in Helping, Educating, and Valuing the Exceptionals). Alyana showing is part of their event, and ASP’s aim to consistently advocate for autism and to respond to the demand of students to know more about autism.
It is personally a part of my film advocacy to let people know that persons with autism are not mentally-ill.
I just spoke with my niece last night. She is a school administrator. I have asked her about a propective librarian, a recomendee of the head librarian, who she believes can do the basic job of cataloging the books of my brother for the library-museum that we are intending to set up in their school. My niece told me that she knows the girl and there is that perception running around that the librarian is “crazy.” I told her that I have already spoken with their head librarian about it, and she assured me that she can do the job. My knowledge of what pwa’s can do did not make me think otherwise. Give the girl a chance for she is not what they think she is. It is so timely that there is a plan to also show Alyana in their shcool in the coming weeks. I hope they pursue with the plan because by then, I will have the opportunity to raise the issue up…to make them understand and welcome the “truth” about persons with autism.

Meanwhile, Ms. Wena of the PWD Affairs Office of Mandaluyong called me up this afternoon to ask if I can show MI ULTIMO ADIOS in Filipino Sign Language to the Deaf sector in their city on July 22, 2011 as part of their celebration of the National Disability Month. Since there is no conflict with Alyana schedule, why not? Dennis Balan (Deaf), one of the film’s cameramen I think presented the idea to them…