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A Day to Remember: PULE Screening

February 10, 2016

This morning, the premiere screening of my educational documentary on our hero Apolinario Mabini, PULE: UTAK ng REBOLUSYON was finally held. It was quite successful based on the remarks of the people who watched it. Viewers reaction is my gauge in knowing the impact of my works. And I would like to share with you one of them. I just received it tonight from a friend, Retired Professor of UP Manila, Fernando Sison, M.D. who attended the film’s launching. In his email, in part I quote:

Pule 7

Poster and Tarp Designed by Leah Osido [Deaf]

“Your work is critically significant because it shares history in an enlightening and engaging way because it uses gracefully choreographed body movements of PWD [Silent Steps–MM], clarifying interviews with knowledgeable people, well-researched historical records and documents, authentic battle scenes, and the musical scoring of the PWA was inspiring (awesome God-given talent).

More importantly, Mabini’s Sampung Decalogo [Ang Tunay na 10 Utos /El Verdadero Decalogo–MM] reminded me of how times have not changed – foreign power domination under the guise of big brother concern, the flawed political system, the low regard for women, factionalism / regionalism, crab mentality, etc.

Your film has enriched me as a person and as a Filipino. I feel honored to know you. You deserve the accolades earlier given by your invited guests.¬†“

Before the screening: Registration and Waiting Time

NHS_Agnes group

Novaliches High School Deaf Students and Hearing Teachers Led by my former classmate under the FSLLP Program of DLS-CSB SDEAS, Agnes Dizon [wearing white blouse]. They trooped down from Nova, Quezon City to CSB ARG Theater in Taft Avenue, Manila

Program Proper
Our Special Guest Speakers who all gave wonderful and inspiring messages: Mr. Jayson Septimo of the NCCA Monitoring and Evaluation Department; Dr. Paul Dumol, historian-playwright, and Ms. Maite Gallego of MyRizal website, great grandniece of Maximo Viola, the man who saved Noli Me Tangere. Dean Nicky Templo-Perez of DLS-CSB School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies gave the welcome remarks sans voice.

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After the Program

Pule 8

[L-R]: Jayson Septimo of NCCA, Mr. Miko Liwanag, Ms. Maite Gallego, Classmate Pet Almazan-Robles with Hubby Gideon, Mirana

I would like to thank our Production Coordinator Joyce Dalawampu, Leah Osido, graphic designer, Maria Elena Lozada who emceed for us, FSL Interpreters John Baliza and Febe Sevilla, Myra Medrana and the Silent Steps, Thristan Mendoza and his mother, Belina Regalado, all the technicians of SDEAS, personnel from PEN lab, volunteers and all those who came to watch the film I started working on sometime mid-2014 — like my ever-supportive FSL classmate Agnes Dizon, [second from the last photo] now a sped teacher at Novaliches High School who came with her students and co-teachers, and my high school classmate Pet Almazan who shared her precious time with her husband just to be with us [last photo]!

Lastly, thanks to your never-ending support: DLS-CSB School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts.

Photo credits: Jala Louise Santiago, Mikee de Leon, Leah Osido, and other Deaf student volunteers


What Sped Teachers Go Through in Alyana_Autism Film

August 14, 2011

It was raining heavily when I reached Quezon City last Thursday. I was heading for the Autism Society Philippines Office in Kamias – our meeting place, before proceeding to Metro Manila College (MMC) where Alyana’s showing was scheduled to be shown at 5.30 pm. My prayer must have been heard as the sun finally shone again after the heavy rains. But we were already late by the time Alyana was finally projected. Couldn’t explain what happened to the LCD projector of ASP. It was as if a yellow gel or filter has been used. All white colors turned yellow. Luckily, there was an immediate replacement.

Anyway, the buzzy students became quiet in the first part of the film, and many, especially those seated at the back row, as I have expected became busy buzzing again in the latter part of the film. Only probably the Education students required to watch the film were quiet and intently watching the film. What others do not realize is that losing their attention from the film means losing the information being shared to them by the interviewees. Oh well! There were serious viewers anyhow, and they in the end were sure winners I should say. It is because they have gained a lot from watching the film. Seeing the plight of sped teachers shown in the second part of the film definitely gave them an idea as to how it is to be a sped teacher. Their experiences and challenges were clearly delineated. I really salute sped teachers!!! I wish that sped teachers take their inspiration from Teacher Salvacion “Sally” Calabucal, one of the most inspiring teachers I have evet met. Incidentally, Agnes Dizon, my classmate in the study of Filipino Sign Language at CSB has already become a sped teacher. I am very happy for her. I used to go with her when she was applying for a job as a teacher. She attended the showing to watch Alyana again. She texted to tell me that once more the film made her cry. Iyakin naman kasi!!!

After the show, many students fielded questions to the guest speakers, Mrs. Carmel Almendrala, Founding Member of Autism Society Philippines and Dr.Cherry Amor Dizon, Sped teacher of New Era University. Che-che Villafuerte, my grandniece, Alyana’s cousin ably facilitated the event. Dr. Camua, MMC Dean of Education expressed her interest to have sped education introduced or be included in what they are offering right now. Hoping that it materializes… advocating for special people being my ‘mission’ for several years now.

I proceeded to Scenema Concept  after dinner where I continued to work on the editing of KINGPIN by Tikoy. I am targeting to finish editing the film this week.