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Daily Prompt: All About Me

February 13, 2013

I never liked to blog probably because I never used to have the confidence to write. I was actually prodded to it by those who believed that I should start one in the first place.  And it was primarily because of my docu on autism that for six years had to be shown in different cities and provinces in our country for awareness campaign purposes. I was convinced that having a blogsite would lessen my load for I could just provide the link to people interested in it whenever they need the materials about the film. Moreover, it would be easier to check the screening schedules as well. But what convinced me the most was that I would be forced to write and could practice the use of the English language.

And so it was that “advocacine” was born. It is a contraction of the words “advocacy” + “cine” [Sp.meaning film] coined by Erlinda “Dang” Koe, President of Autism Society Philippines (ASP), an NGO where I belong. Since I am actually pursuing the film advocacy path centering on “special people,” I adopted the name for this blogsite which initially contained the trails my film on autism took; later, all my docus, as well as my struggles to make one; even the publication of my brother’s historical writings whose responsibility I have taken. By now, I have published four volumes of his works.

Nevertheless, this blogsite has evolved to contain on the side all my other related activities and interests, including all the word press challenges that I managed to take up. This is basically my journal, my logbook; my outlet where I spew out frustrations sometimes anger, as well as sighs of relief. This is where I am able to write my dreams, hopes and fears!!! My likes and dislikes. My testament of faith to Our Lady of Manaoag. And quite recently where I found the joy of interacting with fellow wordpress bloggers, something that I have shunned to do many months back.