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November 10, 2011

Over “A mi Patria”, film consultant Vim Nadera has suggested to title the collection “Inang-Bayan.” But I have already fixed my mind [and heart] to title it as such. It is because of instinct. I do relie on instincts at times. My first reaction when I saw the dedication page of Noli Me Tangere on our reproduced copy of the book, was, as I told Vim: “Eureka!” For many months, I have been looking, and asking friends for suggestions on what to title my film to replace my NCCA proposal’s title:  “Mga Natatanging Tula ni Rizal sa Wikang Senyas.” FILIPINAS was in my list, but it is quite common. Until I found the Noli and opened its pages.

BUT… I will take the suggestion of Vim. I will use INANG-BAYAN as title for the Filipino version of the film. Thanks Vim!

A mi…is not meant solely to benefit the Deaf, but all Filipinos in the world!!! By making versions in four languages, my objectives are mainly to reach out — not only to the Deaf, but the Blind; the ordinary student of Rizal course or those specializing in Spanish language, including scholars on Rizal studies; and to help preserve the thoughts, wisdom, and the spirit of Rizal in a form I am comfortable in being able to share my own thoughts with— via “moving pictures.” There will be four distinct versions of the film – multi-layered, as it is going to be multilingual. All will have the Filipino Sign Language interpretations by Deaf performers.