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Five Rizal Poems for the Deaf Ready

November 2, 2011

Yes! Length or duration-wise the five films of Dr. Jose Rizal in Filipino Sign Language [FSL] are now ready — for music scoring and sound effects layin only… but not for showing yet. Mainit-init pa yan pag pinalabas am sure by mid-November. [It’s Deaf Month by the way here in the Philippines; my target time to show the film!]. Actually am yet to  edit the film intro with the topic — Sino si Rizal, hopefully today, and to get the copy to Roselle Pineda and JM Diego for scoring asap. In all, the main content is 37 mins, plus 2-3 mins of acknowledgment credits. With the intro, it should total between 45-50 mins. Mahaba na rin pala! Medium-length films they call it! Not short, nor feature-length!

My Last Farewell is the longest at approx. 14 mins; Song of Maria Clara, the shortest at about 4 mins. They will be cut shorter when placed with the spoken languages because the individual film intros will be removed in some, i.e. Ultimo. [Have to study what to retain].  The FSL films interpreted by Deaf Filipinos, and their length are as follows:

A FILIPINAS    —————————-    From o min – 6:42:27 [Interpreted by Aldrin Gabriel]

A LA JUVENTUD FILIPINA    ——-    6:42:27 – 13:19:31 [Interpreted by Mark Gaspar Steven]

CANTO DE MARIA CLARA   – ——-    13:19:31 – 17:23:14 [Interpreted by Jorelle Faytaren]

A LAS FLORES DE HEIDELBERG   –   17:23:14 – 23:12:00 [Interpreted by Romalito Mallari]

MI ULTIMO ADIOS   ———————   23:12:00 – 37:16:26 [Interpreted by Aldrin Gabriel]