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“The Sublime Paralytic” – Music Scored by One of the ‘Famous Persons with Autism’ / in Celebration of 2015 National Heroes Day

August 25, 2015

The inspiring story of Apolinario Mabini is music scored by one of the Famous Persons With or Had Autism[Click to read the original article or see the screenshot below]. Listed with Albert Einstein and Amadeus Mozart, Thristan Mendoza, a Filipino Twice Exceptional Person with Autism is described as a “Filipino marimba prodigy.” He was an international music concert artist at age 12.  “The Sublime Paralytic” is his first music scoring work. No marimba instrument was used in scoring the film however.

Famous PWAThe film was made primarily to give Deaf access to information on Mabini, show the talents and capabilities of Persons with Disability, and promote the use and recognition of Filipino Sign Language as the national sign language of Deaf Filipinos.

The film was produced by Miryad Visyon in collaboration with DLS-CSB Sch. of Deaf Education and Applied Studies and the NCCA.