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My Name in the List of 2012 FAMAS Awardees? WEIRD!

September 30, 2012

I thought Yuka, my associate editor in editing Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story was joking. In the midst of our chat, he congratulated me. When I asked him what for, he said that he read my name for Best Editing in the 60th FAMAS Awards list of winners. I checked several reputable sites:, ABS-CBN’s slideshow-pops-color-60th-famas-awards and Yahoo Philippines’  ‘Asiong Salonga’ sweeps 60th FAMAS Awards. Indeed my name is sandwiched between the names of the producer’s version editors.

Was it FAMAS or the producer’s decision themselves to include us [with Tikoy] in their list of awardees? That I do not know. [As far as I know the problem has not yet been fully resolved re the two versions]. Was it a misreport or a misprint? Coming from PDI, ABS-CBN and Yahoo news desks, would that mistake or neglect be possible? Anyhow, since they are not the only sites that cited us in the FAMAS list, then I assume that the report must be correct.

So then, granted that the FAMAS list is accurate, I thank whosoever included my name – NOT because I want to be credited for the Producer’s Cut version [which largely used the Director’s First Cut] but FOR FINALLY REVEALING the TRUTH!

That’s what their move indicated — the CONFIRMATION of what I’ve been saying all this time — that the claim for total re-editing of the film, or the claim that the producer’s cutters re-edited Asiong from scratch is a LIE. I could only but shake my head when I read their blog / ad about their work on Asiong film, specifically the part which states that: “… the material was already an exported quicktime, we had no choice but to start from scratch, offline to online.  This means doing the WHOLE post production process all over again.” [ ] Exported quicktime??? WEHH!!! The producers have control over ALL footages; they have ALL our edited materials [assembled version, rough / first cut, even the director’s cut version. Name it!]. They were ALL protectively stored and kept by the line producer and were ready for editing or re-editing/re-doing anytime by anyone — in PRORES and editable format. Exported quicktime daw??? WEHH!!!

Anyway, the truth is out!!! Fool all you can!!! False advertising aptly describes the act!!! The best proof would be showing the First Cut of the Director’s Version, the Producer’s Cut, and the Director’s Cut. Check the similarities and differences; and where my edits were kept quite intact to disprove the “starting from scratch” claim. “Delicadeza” is a thing of the past it seems!

It’s September. The other day, Tikoy and I celebrated our birthday — with Yuka of course — and talked about our future projects.