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I Found the Pictorial Album on Rizal

October 25, 2011

Luckily, I need not go to the National Library. I need many photos for the intro to the film that I am working on. My editing sked with Fiona got cancelled so I just thought of focusing my attention on the missing materials. I was looking for Lolo Jose but found instead the book “Pictorial Album on Rizal”. On the flyleaf can be read: Publicaciones de la Comisión del Centenario de José Rizal, Tomo XI, PICTORIAL ALBUM ON RIZAL / Album Pictorico Sobre Rizal, Edición del Centenario, Manila, 1962. It has photos of the places he visited and hotels he stayed at; people he met, friends who helped him, including the Spanish enemies; boats and ships he took; sketches he made as well as his paintings and sculptures; his personal belongings, and his photographs. There are a lot. I used to look at those photos when I was small, and they never really meant anything to me until now that I am working on a film on Rizal, the poet. Unfortunately, I did not see any drawing of the Flowers of Heidelberg that he wrote about. Sympre, the book belonged to the collection of my brother which I now own. The book has his stamp marked on it.