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Hearts Full of Joy and Hope at CBR-SMILE Center, Payatas

September 5, 2016
DMT Session 1starts

Patti Rivera with the participants

Dance dance

Teacher Ana with Bryan Bautista, son of CBR-Smile President Sanny Bautista

DMT Teachers

[L-R]: Teacher Ana Rivera with daughter Patricia

It was quite exciting to see Children with Disabilities gathered together accompanied by their parents/caregivers to undergo sessions in Dance Movement Therapy [DMT] last Saturday, September 3 at the CBR Center. The Heart at Play Foundation led by Teacher Ana Rivera and her daughter Patti were there to train them.We witnessed varied expressions of anticipation from the participants of CBR-SMILE [Samahan ng mga Magulang na Iniingatan ang Lahat ng batang Espesyal Inc.] as they wait for the program to start. Gawad Metronian Educational Foundation, Inc. [GMEFI] is co-sponsoring the project].GroupAs GMEFI’s Community Education Fund Assistance Programs Head, I joined the group led by our president Even Dominguez,  Administrative Staff Nina Padua, and Grace, an MMC student who is about to write a thesis focused on Persons with Disability. When we arrived, Mr. Ranil Sorongon, former ASP Executive Director, and currently the PPCWD Convenor and Norfil Foundation Consultant was giving the group a warm up talk, so to say.

The program started with the singing of the National Anthem led by a low-vision child, Perlyn Brevano followed by a prayer by Renea Leyva, mother of Terrenz Lukas Leyva, a child with cerebral palsy. The opening remarks was delivered by CBR-SMILE coordinator, Nitz Caliwan, in behalf of their president, Mrs. Sanny Bautista who came late because she had to attend another important meeting. GMEFI President Even Dominguez was the Guest speaker while Ranil Sorongon gave an inspirational talk. When Ms. Bautista arrived, she thanked GMEFI and all those who extended their hand to make the project possible like The Heart at Play Foundation, GMEFI and Norfil. Her voice cracked at one point.

An intermission dance was amazingly performed by CBR SMILE KIDS, namely: Bryan Bautista, Levilyn Bendal, Marie Claire Yeong, Teza Carl Cervantes, and Judy Ann Goyala. They danced and swayed their bodies gracefully and with gusto. They visibly enjoyed dancing; their talents, honed by patient teachers, and/or parents evident.

Dance Intermission1Dance Intermission2

Patti Finally, an introductory lecture on what Dance Movement Therapy is – as a combination of science and art — was explained by Patricia “Patti” Rivera who was aiding her mom, Teacher Ana. The Dance Movement Therapy session then started. THP prepared an IEP-Based Movement Teacher A about to beginGrading Sheet to serve as their tool to gauge the development of the individual participating child. Their main criteria, physical baseline has percentage of 40%, while the Elements of Dance were set each at 12%, as follows: Direction, Size, Level, Speed, and Balance.

Indeed, it was “heart at play” [to borrow from THP’s acronym] that we, as outside observers witnessed. For only committed hearts and soul could make such a unique activity happen in the name of love and in embrace of Persons with Disability.

DMT Session 1starts_a

Unfortunately, we had to leave early so we were not able to watch the entire session. Sayang!! Hoping for the success of the project, joy for the participating children and their parents!


[L-R]: Ranil Sorongon, Even Dominguez, Mirana, Nitz Caliwan, Sanny Bautista, Nina Padua

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Picture Editing of Spring Rhapsody Finalized

August 3, 2016

Janus Victoria’s “Spring Rhapsody” – her documentary in the making with lovely images she herself shot – was finalized yesterday. Started editing it a few weeks back. — with no script to follow. A tedious but challenging task as a film editor, but one I consider common. Tikoy Aguiluz’s “Father Balweg, The Rebel Priest,” also a documentary, shaped and formed in the same way too. In Spring though, after the images were lined up, and the structure was formed, Janus wrote to narrate her experiences during the trip. We then hear the interviewees mostly off-cam in between. Another friend of Janus cutely named Silver added shots and is responsible for the sound design and music. Nice one, I should say…

The docu is a visual essay dealing with a topic Janus wants to make into a feature film — the journey she took in Japan, the people she met to see for herself, better understand and have a deeper insight of the “kodokushi” or the lonely death phenomenon Japanese people have as part of their culture. Interesting subjects were interviewed, featuring an amazing woman artist named Ami, a photographer, a musician in the park, an elderly woman who wishes a painless death, and most importantly, the kodokushi cleaners.

Setting is Japan.

Journey ni Janus. That is how I describe it. Kodokushi segments maybe culturally shocking to some though; with life and death metaphorically paralleled with spring and autumn. However, journeying with Janus will surely be a wonderful and memorable experience.


An Afternoon at the Franchise Asia Phl 2016 Expo in MOA

July 25, 2016

It was the last day of the Franchise Asia Philippines Expo yesterday at the SMX Convention Center in MOA. I came to learn about it from the radio program of Carl Balita at DZMM. His visitors were young entrepreneurs, highly energetic, and quite excited about the on-going Expo. I got interested somehow. But it was more out of curiosity to update myself on the latest in the Franchise world that really pushed me to go to MOA and spend some time there. I am not an entrepreneur; I was simply interested in seeing new products in the market now, and probably try some of them. MOA anyway is quite near to our house.

So, I went there, registered first, given a name tag and started roaming around. People are a-plenty; the ambience was quite lively; people seem to be all excited. There are many young people managing the booths, and giving away leaflets. There are big and small booths — and the first stall that caught my attention, and made me stop to buy some stuff are those that sell herbal and locally made products. It was a small booth but many people stopped by it. As I checked on what they offer, one of the staff noticed my name tag and said: “Oh! My surname is also Medina!” Then, she related that they are coming from Mindoro. I was both surprised and delighted to hear that because when I meet people with the same surname as mine, they either come from Pampanga [like Pen Medina], or Cavite [my father’s birthplace]. It must have my first time to hear someone with the same surname saying that they come from Mindoro. Surely, it is because I used to hear from my father and my historian-brother that our forefather’s origin was Mindoro… so, I was quite happy to meet someone from there, who could possibly be a long distant relative. We actually laughed at the probability that maybe we are related because of the shape of our roundish nose!!!

Relatives kaya

With long distant relatives from Mindoro???

Then came her sister, I was introduced to her. We continued in trying to trace the possibility of a genealogical kinship. She asked for my grandfather’s name from Mindoro, and honestly, I thought awhile as I’ve forgotten his name..Hahaha! Sadly, I have never experienced having a Lolo or a Lola. They were all dead by the time I was born. Later, in the course of our talk I came to know that she is Carl Balita’s wife. And the stall, called One StoreHub belongs to them. The internet yielded her name as Lyne, a paediatrician. Quite a coincidence that I went to MOA because of Carl Balita’s program; and the first stall where I stopped to buy some stuff  — The Healing Tea it is called and honey — belongs to him. The best thing that happened is meeting people from Mindoro and the fact that there are really people with the same surname as mine coming from that place.


Showing of PULE Moved in Time for Apolinario Mabini’s Birthmonth

July 9, 2016

The original plan to show PULE: Utak ng Rebolusyon /Brains of the Revolution in Metro Manila College, Novaliches, Quezon City was reset to an earlier date by Gawad Metronian Educational Institute, Inc. [GMEFI]. Intended to be shown in time for the Celebration of 2016 National Heroes Day in August, it was moved instead to last week of July.

Apolinario Mabini [1864-1903] was born on July 23, 1864. Hailed as a PWD icon, himself physically disabled, the National Disability Rehabilitation and Prevention Week is held in the Philippines annually from July 17-July 23 to serve as a tribute to the man.

MidYear Meet1

Explaining my proposal to show the educational docu for the benefit of Gawad Metronian Scholars and Persons with Disability of Bo. Kaligayahan, Novaliches. Present were the Board Officers and Members of GMEFI, Inc.

Metro Manila College will sponsor the showing with the hope of sparking nationalism in their students and for them to know who Mabini really was. Though an important figure who helped shaped the destiny of our nation, not so many people, especially young students are aware of his contribution as a hero.


PDigong, Our 16th President, and VPLeni’s Inaugural Speeches

July 1, 2016

Based on the two short inaugural speeches made by our newly installed President Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte and Vice-President Leni Robredo, I am quite hopeful and sees a brighter future for our country’s poor. At least, the new government will refocus its agenda from one that best serve the interests of the elite and the oligarchs, to the interests of the majority of people, especially the poor. Both the new President and the Vice-President seem to genuinely care for the future of the impoverished that largely consist the Filipino population.

President Duterte delivered a short, meaningful, and straight to the point speech. What he wanted done for the country, and the people were told in more or less 15 minutes. The speech was bereft of cussing, and the usual profane words commonly heard during his campaign. Well, after all, he has to be presidential not only to the people present in Rizal Hall but to the entire world, including the UN which he rocked because of his controversial statements.

With hundreds, now thousands of drug pushers and users surrendering even before PDigong took his oath of office yesterday, June 30, the signs of the promised change largely manifests through such unexpected action by drug dependents, and criminals. He won largely because he centered his campaign on the issue of change, including primarily the wiping out of drug lords and illegal drug trades; on believing that Peace between the legitimate Muslim separatists and factions is possible, and having an inclusive society that will recognize even the Communists, and would give attention to the plight of displaced indigenous peoples, especially those affected by irresponsible mining activities.

It was noted that during the yesterday’s oath-taking, zero crime rate was reported in Metro-Manila, an occurrence that only holds true when boxer Manny Pacquiao competes in world championships.

[Note: Dean of DLS-CSB School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies Nicky Perez served as sign language interpreter for VP Leni. See inset]


“The Yellow Shawl III [1944]” Reconstructed for Tomorrow’s Play

May 24, 2016

In 2010, I made a short film that formed part of the UP Chamber Theatre’s performance of Francisco Arcellana’s “The Yellow Shawl.” Last week, or six years later, long-time friend, Dr. Belen Calingacion, former Chair of the UP Department of Speech Communication and Theater Arts emailed me to ask for a copy since she lost it in the fire that gutted the UP Faculty Center.

I found the coverages of both performances she directed made in celebration of their 50th year: The Yellow Shawl and May Day Eve. Unfortunately, I did not find the original copy of the film, then about two minutes and 15 seconds long. It’s the character’s flashback about her mother.

Luckily, I found a DVD read-only copy of the film’s footage. Not all shots used in the original were there however. They were also uneditable in my computer. Up to now, I cannot recall, and still wondering why I have that copy since the original was shot using mini-DV camera. I still have the tapes, but I do not normally save exported clips. Anyway, I had to reformat it to MPEG 4 using another editing software program before I could finally re-edit and reconstruct the whole thing again. I was able to give the copy to Belen last Saturday.

The re-edited copy has become by the way a little longer – two seconds less than three minutes. The Yellow Shawl is one of the four plays slated to be shown tomorrow, starting at 5 pm., May 25. Venue is UP Palma Hall, 4th floor.

[Notes: When projected, the film unfortunately did not have the same impact as when used the first time in 2010. It wasn’t dim enough for the film to be properly viewed. The mic stand blocked the scene, and as the audience are seated too close to the performers, the area of vision was quite limited. Anyway, of all the performances, I liked Flowers of May and Wings of Madness. Congrats to my friend, Belen, the play director!! – June 2, 2016]


St. Mary Magdalene Church, Kawit, Cavite

May 2, 2016

More on Kawit Heritage Sites, this one focusing on St. Magdalene Church, also known as Kawit Church. It is located in Cavite.

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Hmmm! Same as my initials…



Angel entry

Mon photos2


Central Altar

Main Altar

Side altar view

Left Transept Side of the Church with the Statue of Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene2

Close Shot of Mary Magdalene as shown in the previous shot

Right cornerside

Retablo on the Right Transept Side of Kawit Church

Shot from the Altar side

The nave, shot centrally from the Altar side

Side view interior

Another angle of the church


The Belfry Tower; the architecture of Kawit Church is described as Baroque in style.



Photos taken during our Heritage Tour to Kawit last April 16, 2016, a project of Cavite El Viejo Heritage Tourism Association, NHCP Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine, Fundacion Santiago and the Municipality of Kawit.
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