Behind the Camera: George Musser and Vicente Bonus

October 4, 2019

Late afternoon yesterday, before going to the opening of the 2019 Spanish Film Festival at Greenbelt 3 to watch the animation film on surrealist filmmaker Luis Bunuel, I dropped by Archivo1984 at Chino Roces St., with the intention of seeing the exhibit featuring George Musser and set designer Vicente Bonus. The gallery was unfortunately closed. Interestingly, a big framed blown-up photo of Manila Talkatone’s filming of a George Musser film (Size: 79.3″ x 56.7″ on archival photo paper) is displayed opposite the gallery room.

George Musser

Behind the Camera. George Musser and Vicente Bonus. George Musser Productions using Manila Talkatones for Sound Equipment. (Setting: Musser House).

I sat down for a while to look at the old and awesome picture. Just look at the big slate they used at the time!!! At least they were not using Mitchell camera by then which I recall to be very, very bulky. I have experience of using it at the Film and Television Institute of India, aside from 35mm Arriflex cameras.

George Musser_P18

Pasilio 18. The way to Archivo located at the end portion of the pasilio.

The exhibit is part of the Centennial Celebrations of Philippine Cinema.


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