Home for Individuals with Special Needs (ISNs)_First in the Philippines Opens Its Doors on December 15

December 2, 2018

A unique residential community to address the growing needs of Individuals with Special-Needs (ISNs) as they grow old and their elderly parents as they further advance into their senior years, HAPPY HOMES envisions a community with two major house types for its members: one small house and one big house called “MY BIG HOUSE”. As the living room for the community, MY BIG HOUSE sets the initial impression for visitors about what HAPPY HOMES is – as well as, our community values. “MY BIG HOUSE” is a house, a school and a mini-hotel where the community programs and services are held. It is our community’s treasure which all members enjoy and maintain. It is our social center, our place for dining, celebrations, educational fora and entertainment. It has a large social hall, a big teaching kitchen, a children’s room, a teens’ room, guest rooms, library, art studio, a hydrotherapy room and a training room. More importantly, MY BIG HOUSE forms part of the families’ estate plan for the ISN as it is 100% owned by families and advocates of ISNs. MY BIG HOUSE and its allied services like travel and tours, staycation packages, transportation service, housekeeping services, among others, shall generate income, dividends and patronage refunds which shall go directly into the ISNs savings, to assure the ISN of a secure supported living. MY BIG HOUSE will also provide them opportunities to become productive members of the society through the sheltered employment program by working as service crew. By creating MY BIG HOUSE, the HAPPY HOMES Community is ensured that each need is addressed, and the persons with disabilities enjoy a meaningful and productive life.

On December 15, Happy Homes will open the doors to MY BIG HOUSE. Gift-giving to the students of its adopted schools, including the showing of my documentaries: PULE: Utak ng Rebolusyon and ALYANA — A Study of Autism in the Philippines are scheduled during the event. See the program below:



It is the first in the Philippines and will not be the only one as HAPPY HOMES is currently working on its expansion/replication in Antipolo City. Acceptance of members is based on queuing so it is important that a family consider becoming a member as early as the planning stage for the next community.

Envisioned are business and employment opportunities for ISNs within the community, while financial savings schemes and income-generating projects will be available to every resident for needs sustenance. Moreover, it will surely benefit each member as the mission is to provide continuous care and support to create a fulfilling community life, administered by Resident Service-Providers (RSP): teachers, therapists, caregivers, and service paraprofessionals who live in the same community. This is a self-help project whose funding comes from membership fees, grants and donations.

For inquiries, contact Mrs. Glecilda Rances at (0943) 129. 1846 or email docbenj@happyhomeshousingcoop.org.


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