Ferry Boat Ride in Historic Pasig River

November 4, 2017

I accidentally found the photo files of my very first  boat ride in Pasig River via the ferry boat then newly introduced to the people due to mass transit and traffic problems in Metro-Manila. The photos were taken after my research on Apolinario Mabini at the Mabini Shrine in PUP Sta. Mesa in 2014. I didn’t know that the terminal was right inside the campus of the university. I felt both lucky and excited to try it. I am used to plying from Manila to Corregidor Island via a ferry boat. I then wanted to know the difference.

And what a difference! Just a handful — not more than four people including me who was the first to arrive at the station — took the ride. We joined some few others who were fetched from the previous terminal. I bought a ticket from Sta. Mesa to Guadalupe in Makati. We were to pass through the Pasig River alongside which industrial buildings and residential houses are built. Pasig River used to be very popular in the past when industrialization has not yet polluted the place and fishes were said to be abundant in the place. It was immortalized in songs, even in novels. It used to be a center of economic activity during the Spanish period, and an important transport route.

Then and now, the change is undoubtedly quite great. Industrialization has changed its face altogether. The price of industrial development and population explosion???

Anyway, it was for me an experience to have seen and watched the way of life of people living near the river. I saw ordinary boats loading and unloading people, especially students to take them to destinations or points not under the watch of the Metro-Manila Development Authority [MMDA], the government agency handling the ferry transport. They must have been the inspiration of MMDA. People surely would reach their destination faster than if they take ordinary buses or jeepneys — the most popular mass transport modes.

FerryBoat Ride to Guada7

FerryBoat Ride to Guada5

And despite murky waters, and water lilies floating on the river, children enjoyed swimming by the riverside. FerryBoat Ride to Guada3

Approaching Guadalupe Bridge

FerryBoat Ride to Guada12IMG_6953FerryBoat Ride to Guada11

I would have wanted to go up to Escolta in Manila but I was in a hurry to get back home. Indeed, it did not take me long to reach my destination – Guadalupe Station in Makati City. It was a good ride but for people who need to take another ride or transfer in EDSA, a boat station near the main road or closer to the station would be great. As per my experience, it was walking to MRT station that took me more time. Nevertheless, I just enjoyed walking around, learning the curves of Guadalupe area after taking a short ride to get near the train station.


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