“PULE” Visited the Department of Foreign Affairs Today

July 26, 2016

DFA Officers and Personnel who attended the special screening held at the CMOAS Conference Room, DFA Bldg.

The First Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Apolinario “Pule” Mabini visited this afternoon the Department of Foreign Affairs in Pasay City through a digital documentary film about his life, PULE: Utak ng Rebolusyon / Brains of the Revolution.


The activity is part of the post-celebration of DFA’s 2016 National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week. DFA’s HRMO-BWD, Wellness and Family Affairs Unit sponsored the screening. Some DFA personnel including Assistant Secretary Grace Relucio Princesa, Department Legislative Liaison Unit; Human Resource Management Office [HRMO] Executive Director Mardomel Celo Melicor, HRMO-BWD Administrative Director Lenna Eilleen De Dios-Sison attended the screening together with DFA Deaf employees from the Office of Consular Affairs. Director Melicor gave the welcome remarks in place of HRMO Assistant Secretary Maria Aileen H. Bugarin who wasn’t  able to come. Mr. Jose Mari “Knoy” Fedelicio of HRMO warmly welcomed us, and sent us off as well after the screening. He was served as coordinator re the film showing schedule. According to him, PULE is “a must-see for every Filipino who takes pride of our history and heritage.”

I was quite happy to observe the excitement Asec Princesa showed for having watched the docu as she pointed at the need for more personnel of DFA to watch PULE. She said: “This movie really makes me appreciate our First [Secretary]…” She ended up by giving encouraging words to the PWDs in the audience who found inspiration from knowing better their icon, Mabini, himself a person with disability: “…there is nothing to stop us from using our brain, our heart, as long as we have integrity, character. The sky is the limit for you, guys. So, I really hope that you will do more in the department, outside the department …and show the world that being Deaf is not a reason not to be successful…”

Asec Princesa

DFA Assistant Secretary Grace Princesa, Department Legislative Liaison Unit addresses the audience after the screening of PULE at CMOAS Conference Rm., DFA Bldg.

To all those who have found the time to watch the film, I would like to say thank you!!

Incidentally, PULE was also shown in the morning and in the afternoon today at Metro-Manila College in Novaliches, Quezon City with the aim of raising awareness about Mabini’s life, and the hope of sparking patriotism in the hearts of their Grade school students. The screening there will last until August 2.

PULE was intentionally made for the general audience but it is more intended for the youth whose sense of history is becoming near to nil. I also had the personnel of DFA in mind when I was in the process of making it knowing that very few must be knowing Mabini’s real contribution to our nationhood. Who he was was my guide when I researched about him. I must admit that I know very little about him before I embarked on the project except the fact the he is known as “The Sublime Paralytic” and “The Brains of the Revolution.”

[Photos above and at the bottom by Knoy Fedelicio-HRMO-DFA; Mid-photo by MM]


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