An Afternoon at the Franchise Asia Phl 2016 Expo in MOA

July 25, 2016

It was the last day of the Franchise Asia Philippines Expo yesterday at the SMX Convention Center in MOA. I came to learn about it from the radio program of Carl Balita at DZMM. His visitors were young entrepreneurs, highly energetic, and quite excited about the on-going Expo. I got interested somehow. But it was more out of curiosity to update myself on the latest in the Franchise world that really pushed me to go to MOA and spend some time there. I am not an entrepreneur; I was simply interested in seeing new products in the market now, and probably try some of them. MOA anyway is quite near to our house.

So, I went there, registered first, given a name tag and started roaming around. People are a-plenty; the ambience was quite lively; people seem to be all excited. There are many young people managing the booths, and giving away leaflets. There are big and small booths — and the first stall that caught my attention, and made me stop to buy some stuff are those that sell herbal and locally made products. It was a small booth but many people stopped by it. As I checked on what they offer, one of the staff noticed my name tag and said: “Oh! My surname is also Medina!” Then, she related that they are coming from Mindoro. I was both surprised and delighted to hear that because when I meet people with the same surname as mine, they either come from Pampanga [like Pen Medina], or Cavite [my father’s birthplace]. It must have my first time to hear someone with the same surname saying that they come from Mindoro. Surely, it is because I used to hear from my father and my historian-brother that our forefather’s origin was Mindoro… so, I was quite happy to meet someone from there, who could possibly be a long distant relative. We actually laughed at the probability that maybe we are related because of the shape of our roundish nose!!!

Relatives kaya

With long distant relatives from Mindoro???

Then came her sister, I was introduced to her. We continued in trying to trace the possibility of a genealogical kinship. She asked for my grandfather’s name from Mindoro, and honestly, I thought awhile as I’ve forgotten his name..Hahaha! Sadly, I have never experienced having a Lolo or a Lola. They were all dead by the time I was born. Later, in the course of our talk I came to know that she is Carl Balita’s wife. And the stall, called One StoreHub belongs to them. The internet yielded her name as Lyne, a paediatrician. Quite a coincidence that I went to MOA because of Carl Balita’s program; and the first stall where I stopped to buy some stuff  — The Healing Tea it is called and honey — belongs to him. The best thing that happened is meeting people from Mindoro and the fact that there are really people with the same surname as mine coming from that place.

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