Admiring Disability

May 1, 2016

Empowered People with THISability not DISability are truly most admirable! They inspire!


“Dancing Gabe” Langlois, cheering for the home team, playing air guitar, and dancing up a storm for the crowd between plays. It’s difficult to imagine how, as a child he never liked noise and would put his hands over his ears whenever he heard any noise.

People who do disability well, increase our creative potential because their achievements humble us in ways that challenge our potential.  How do we experience life to the fullest?  Dancing Gabe has a story about a difficult childhood that was healed by a special teacher. It’s exciting because healing and joy are awesome and hard won. To be adored by the city of Winnipeg, because you are joyous is remarkable.

My stepmother had both of her legs amputated when I was a teenager.  Her feet were deformed from polio as a child, and she was unable to feel her injury when she stepped on glass, which turned into…

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