Andrea Bocelli to musicians with disability: Transform limitations to opportunities

April 24, 2016

MANILA, Philippines – Andrea Bocelli remains one of the inspirations of many musicians, not only because of his music but also for his positive outlook in life.

Not unknown to many, Bocelli has lost his eyesight but this didn’t hinder him for pursuing his passion for music. He believes that if he was able to do it, why shouldn’t other aspiring musicians with disability.

“I believe every one of us should approach the wonderful tools that God has given them trying to capitalize on their skills and talents,” he said in an email interview with Philstar.com. “The human body is a marvel with no equal, and many and articulated are the channels of communication with the world.”

“I believe that each of us must transform their limitations into opportunities of growth,” he added.


Andrea Bocelli Performs in the Philippines on April 26, 2016

He then recalled how “many doors were closed before me,” but still he continued to pursue his passion.

“I pursued my plan of life with much study and dedication, forcing myself to a strict discipline, and trying to take good habits. In the end it all went well,” he said.

Bocelli hopes that his story could serve as inspiration for many that “there is no impossible dream: the essential thing is to believe in it, pursuing it with honesty, seriousness, and humility.”

The renowned orchestra-pop musician will be visiting the country again for his “Cinema World Tour,” as a promotion of his newest album “Cinema.”

He has nothing but great experience from his Filipino fans from his previous visit. He has heard how the people “get emotional, who frankly express their feelings, able to appreciate art, to have fun, to get moved, as well as to enjoy good music.”

For his visit this year, Bocelli’s fans could expect to hear him perform some of his favorite opera pieces like “Che gelida manina” from “La bohème”, “La donna è mobile” from “Rigoletto”, the “Brindisi” from “La traviata” and “Va pensiero” from Nabucco.

The other half of the show will be dedicated for his new album which is his “ideal selection of masterpieces that cinema has given birth to in the last few decades.”

Bocelli promised those who will watch his concert that it’ll be “an unforgettable evening for me and for all those who will have the possibility to listen to me. There is nothing more exciting than sharing, through the mystery of music and beauty, a moment of joy, of optimism, of serenity.”

“Cinema World Tour” will happen on April 26, Tuesday, at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City.

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