Blacksmithing – A Dying Industry in Kawit, Cavite

April 19, 2016

Last Saturday, April 17, we met Panday [blacksmith] Walden “Waldy” Cabigona,  in Kawit, Cavite. Part of the itinerary of Cavite El Viejo Tourism Association’s “Explore Kawit FREE HERITAGE TOUR,” we were brought to Panday St., where “Pandayan” or the blacksmith’s shop is located. Owned by Mrs. Germinia Santulan, it is one of the only three remaining blacksmith’s shop in Kawit. Forging bolos and knives was then most popular to the people, our country being agricultural. They were also commonly used as weapons by our revolutionaries during the Spanish regime in the Philippines. Nowadays, less and less young people want to engage in it.

The Heritage Tour project was in partnership with NHCP, Kawit Tourism, Fundacion Santiago and the Municipality of Kawit. We commend and thank all the people who were behind this project. [Will later post the complete blog about this tour…].


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  1. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfdCO5bU3cho3Vawv6e9IuA

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