Weekly Photo Challenge: Future_San Francisco?

April 10, 2016

I do not know the name of this plant. It looks like a variety of what we call “San Francisco” though. But, I am quite unfamiliar with it. When a friend first gave it to me, I was so happy to see its small unique leaves. It was rare for me to see tinges of red on plant’s leaves. It had only five to brag about when handed over to me; now, their numbers more than doubled, and they have grown as well. Moreover, the tinges of red now dominates each leaf as can be seen below.

Advoc_FutureWhen it brought forth a part [the green protrusion] which I never expected, I looked at it with wonderment, the reason why I took a shot of it. For days, I have been waiting for it to bloom [if it is really a flower]; or would more leaves [another set] come out? I crazily asked myself. The sense of excitement in my heart on its future — on how exactly it would look like days ahead from now is one of the simple pleasures that I derive from Mother Nature, found just within the confines of a small garden in a city jungle.

I will share with you later how exactly it will turn out. Let’s wait and see! I will also let you know its actual name when I get to meet the person who gave the plant to me.

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