Weekly Photo Challenge: Reduced Weight Coins

January 9, 2016

I retrieved these coins from the fire that burned down our house in 1998. My mother used to keep them as part of her collection. I value them as much, simply for sentimental reasons. They were just blackened by fire but as you can see, they did not melt. Minted over a hundred years ago, they must be of interest to collectors by now, and therefore weighty to them though those dated 1907 and 1908 were reduced in size and weight. The coins were minted by the United States for use in our country, the Philippines.

COINS - 1904-08

Philippine Peso Coins – The size of the coins dated 1907-1912 and their weight were reduced because the price of silver had risen. Notice the bigger size of the coin dated 1904.

“The One Peso was designed by Filipino artist Melicio Figueroa. The obverse design features a young Filipino woman standing to the right in a flowing dress while striking an anvil with a hammer held in her right hand. Her left hand is raised and holding an olive branch. In the background is a billowing volcano. The obverse carries the inscriptions “One Peso” and “Filipinas” (Spanish for Philippines). The reverse design depicts an eagle with spread wings perched atop an American shield. The reverse carries the inscription “United States of America” and the date.

On December 6, 1906 the U.S. Congress passed an Act “for the purpose of preventing the melting and exportation of the silver coins of the Philippine Islands as a result of the high price of silver”. The Act reduced the weight and fineness of the four denominations of USA/Philippine silver coins. It also granted authority to recall all USA-Philippine silver coins from banks and circulation and ship them back to the United States for re-coining into pieces of lesser fineness.

Under the new standards the silver One Peso coin was reduced from 26.95 Grams (416 grains), of .900 fineness silver (ASW .7800 oz.) to 20.00 grams (308.64 grains), of .800 fineness silver (ASW .5144 oz.). The size of the Peso was also reduced from 38 mm to 35 mm. The first year of production for the new “Reduced Size and Weight” silver coins was 1907.

1908 was the last year of production for Philippine Proof coins and the only year that the reduced size and weight One Peso was struck in Proof. The 1908 (P) One Peso is a PROOF ONLY ISSUE with a mintage of 500 coins.” [For the complete article, here is the url: http://www.collectors-society.com/JournalDetail.aspx?JournalEntryID=12969. Posted by ]

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