Ibang Pagtingin_an I Witness Docu on Aleeia Maclit [Blind] and Partially Blind Sajid Imao

December 27, 2015

A must-see docu shared by my friend Janus Victoria – episode executive producer and writer – about a very inspiring blind girl, and achiever named Aleeia Maclit who can do better and much more than the so-called abled individuals in our society. Her fighting spirit is amazing. Surely, the sculptors she met, especially Sajid Imao, son of Natonal Artist Abdulmari Imao must have saluted her fortitude, and her will to succeed to prove that despite her blindness she can do what others can. Thank you Howie Severino for focusing on them! For showing “their way of seeing”, and for putting the abled shoes in theirs. They only become different because of distorted and condescending views about PWDs. Once welcomed, and attitudinal barrier breaks they will be most welcome in our society. My salute to her sped teacher as well. She reminds me of Teacher Sally Calabucal of Pio del Pilar School who handles blind person with autism.

I just hope that the docu be subtitled for universal access.


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