Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio of Bullets

November 22, 2015


Trio of Bullets designed as a display, souvenir item. This was made before 1941 by my father, a resident of Corregidor, the last island fortress of the Americans that surrendered to the Japanese. [Actual size including the base: Width: 2 3/8″; Length: 2 3/4″; Height: 2 1/4″

My father and eight of my siblings were all born in Corregidor, an island located at the mouth of Manila Bay in the Philippines. He lived and worked there as a civilian employee of the American government until all the Filipino and American civilian families were forced to evacuate the island — the last batch in 1941. My father stayed there until the the Americans surrendered to the Japanese forces who bombarded and nearly pulverized the Island. Though a civilian, my father formed part of the Death March saga.

During what they call “Peacetime,” one of his hobbies was turning bullet materials into utility and functional objects. There must be an abundance of used bullets in the island because missile bullets a little over 12″ in height, and 4″ in diameter would be welded and designed into lampshades and flower vases. He also made a powder box for our mother, about 6″ diameter in size, with a height of three to four inches. All of them can now be found at the War Museum in Corregidor Island in a small room, solely for civilian artifacts. The objective was to let the Filipino youth of today that there used to be Filipino civilians living in five villages in the island before 1941.




  1. Nice story behind the photo…

  2. Happy to share mementos of the past! And something unwritten in our history books.

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