“I’m not the sort of person to be beaten,” says Mom of 6 Children with Autism, 2 Cerebral Palsy, and Another Dyslexia

July 10, 2015

This is the story of Vikie Shanks, a Super, duper- Mom!!!

For Vikie Shanks it was just a typical family teatime. In the garden, her daughter Lorie was crying hysterically. She’d been trying for an hour to score 20 consecutive netball goals.  Her quest was obsessive, her focus intense. She’d managed 15, but she hadn’t yet achieved her target. And now Vikie was telling her to come in and eat. But Lorie wouldn’t — actually she couldn’t — abandon her mission, because it wasn’t just a game: it was a compulsion.

Super Mom

Meanwhile, inside the house, Nikita — who was then nine years old — seemed possessed of a manic energy. She was twirling around, her arms flailing like a windmill.

Vikie tried to calm her, but Nikita was implacable. She lashed out, hitting and kicking her mother.

On the sofa, Jamie, Vikie’s eldest child, tried to adjudicate in a dispute with two of the younger ones about what they should watch on TV. The squabble had reached a dizzying crescendo.

Vikie took a deep breath, gathered herself and returned to the kitchen. That’s when the drama over the pasta sauce kicked off. ‘I was stirring the tomato sauce when my son Osborn came in,’ says Vikie, 56, a widow.

‘He was absolutely stricken and crying uncontrollably. “You’ve got the wrong sauce, Mum,” he screamed, and I realised I hadn’t bought the usual brand — the one I’d used for years — but a different one that had been on special offer.

‘And Osborn — who is factual, rigid and likes life to be ordered and predictable — was distraught. He couldn’t cope with the change in routine. [To read the full article, click: A Saint of a Mother]

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