Mi Ultimo Adios [in FSL] in South China Morning Post?

June 27, 2015

Surprisingly yes!!! I came across an article written three years ago by Clarence Tsui. Ngayon ko lang ba naman nakita! Ay sus!!! He says:

“Of the seven short films lined up for the first omnibus screening at the second Hong Kong International Deaf Film Festival, Mi ultimo adios stands out for its political and cultural significance.


While the other pieces connect on a more personal or sentimental level – from the romantic tragedy of Love Before Sunrise to the morality play of The $10,000 That Did Not Exist and the paranormal drama of Whispering Hands – Filipino director Mirana Medina’s 15-minute film is the first attempt to channel one of her country’s founding political texts into Filipino sign language.

Written just before his execution by the Spanish colonial authorities in 1896, Mi ultimo adios (My Last Farewell) was Jose Rizal’s final testament of his love for a country he felt was being trodden underfoot by intruders from abroad. Smuggled out of prison by his family, the poem was first published in Hong Kong the following year before being translated into dozens of languages and becoming a stirring manifesto for self-emancipation movements across the world.

With her film, activist-filmmaker Medina has provided Mi ultimo adios with yet another voice. In her previous advocacy documentaries, she noticed the translation of text into Filipino sign language was more poetic than literal. A video record of a rendition of Rizal’s text was the logical next step, and Medina has provided a moving depiction of this artistic process.

[Source: http://www.scmp.com/article/993034/mi-ultimo-adios]

Coming soon in July 2015 is The Sublime Paralytic – also made to give Deaf access to information about one of our great heroes, named Apolinario Mabini!!!


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