Finalizing “Apolinario Mabini: The Sublime Paralytic” with “Pule” in Tow

June 19, 2015

I am working on my digital videos I call Project Mabini — and there are two of them. They are both bio-documentaries about our hero, Apolinario Mabini. One focuses on Mabini, The Sublime Paralytic; the other is on Mabini as the Brains of the Rebolusyon, thus, PULE: Utak ng Rebolusyon. The former includes the causes of his paralysis, discrimination and disability issues as well. The latter is more on his fight against American sovereignty over the Philippines at the turn of the 20th century.

Both films have the same beginning and ending; content within are largely the same but they are different some ways… The Sublime Paralytic has voice narration in English, Pule with voice narration in Filipino. Cris Lorenzana and Dok Apolonio Chua narrated in English and Pilipino respectively. Cris does not appear like Dok in the film however. Sublime Paralytic’s script used was reshuffled for Pule following the new edit form, with some parts revised then translated into Filipino..

The two versions seem to be one and the same since they were intentionally designed to be so, the reason why I consider The Sublime Paralytic as the English version of Pule, and vice-versa. What distinguishes one from the other are the language narrations, sign language interpretations and the interpreters as well, and the focus change on the topic.

Oh well, one has to see them to probably understand what I am talking about.

Both in post-production, these two occupy my time so much so I am not able to join wordpress challenges these days.

[So glad that TumTum Mendoza, talented Person with Autism who is doing the scoring of the film connected just now re his composition….our deadline is nearing. Target screening of The Sublime Paralytic should be before the end of Mabini’s Sesquicentennial birth anniversary, and/ or during the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week.]


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