(SMS) Super[b] Messages S’akin /S’atin

April 17, 2015

I receive a lot of beautiful text messages that are inspiring, encouraging, and enriching. I note down anything that I find worth reading again and again. Although I know that some are available in the market in book form, receiving individual text messages specifically addressed to us at the right moment may lift our spirit up, lighten our mood, make us smile or laugh, be wary or cautioned, etc. A good one helps in changing our moods, makes a gloomy day brighter and above all makes us feel good just at the thought of being remembered.

Time is gold. For someone to think of us even for just a moment, find the time to send or forward their thoughtful messages to us is something we should be thankful for. For in just a click, Sent Messages S‘atin can make distance—between the receiver and the sender—distant no more!

Though I am not a religious person, I like inspirational text messages—those which tell of God and our relationship with Him.

Scam Messages S‘atin — I particulary abhor!


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