Razon’s at UP-Ayala Land Technohub. Never Again!

April 11, 2015

A place I never want to be ever again, that’s Razon’s at UP Technohub in Diliman, Q.C. It was my first time to eat there last night. And that would definitely be my last!

UP Technohub

UP-Ayala land Technohub in Diliman at Night

Coming from a tribute exhibit of prolific artist Mario Parial at UP Bulwagan ng Dangal, my best friend and I proceeded to the Hub supposedly to eat at Kanin Club. Since there were lots of people, and we were quite hungry at the time, we decided to eat at Razon’s. I have always eaten at Razon’s in Pampanga, quite liked the food and the service there aside from their famous halo-halo. So, it wasn’t difficult for me to decide to treat my balikbayan friend there. I thought service would be similar.

But it was not. Our orders were taken without telling us that it would take ages before they could be served. We arrived there at around 9pm. Considering that they would close at 10 pm, it meant that we would have to eat fast. But that they should serve the order as fast as they could. For the main meal, we waited for nearly 40 minutes, too long a time for hungry stomachs like ours. The bottled water I ordered was already consumed by then. If we were beforehand told that it would take that long and we decided to wait, then blunder would be ours. But nothing of that sort was said. With only a table of people already served and were eating by the time we entered and placed our orders, it was unbelievable that neglect in attending to our orders was possible.

I am a very patient and tolerant person but I lost those virtues somehow together with my lost of appetite. It rarely happened to me. Seeing Pancit PLUS alone which looked Pancit LESS, and so unappealing when served started the down feeling. The Daing na Bangus we ordered must have been wild and elusive before getting “caught” and cooked. Above all, seeing others served the same order when we knew we came in first was highly upsetting. With my irritation, my friend told me to go ask the staff re the status of our order. I did. One staff who was not there earlier was quite apologetic of the delay, in fairness.


A place that should never be left unmanned “busy-ness” notwithstanding! This sight is only acceptable before opening, and after closing hours…That’s my opinion!

The bland and bad service was reflected on the physical and dry look of the place. And the staff’s dry disposition. The place was comparatively dead and DRAB. Staff must be all huddling inside the kitchen. Lacking crew perhaps. Not hiding I hope! Who would know anyway? Other restaurants still teemed with people at the same time with their service crew still quite energetic.

RAZON’s at UP Technohub gave me solid REASONS to vent out my displeasure here to share with others who intend to try the place. Limit yourself to halo-halo order perhaps!! That would help cool your head in case you unfortunately encounter the same first-time experience that I had with them.

Update: Today is May 4. Last April 30, I tried Razon’s — at Trinoma, my first time as well. It’s just a stall but the person who attended to us was happy in disposition, sweet when talking to customers, and quite friendly. I went there with the same balikbayan friend… The most important thing was the fact that over there, the service was fast… probably because we ordered halohalo, and they need not catch daing na bangus! Hahaha!


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