Meeting the Empowered Women of Dasmariñas City

March 27, 2015

The Venue at Barangay San Simon, Dasmariñas City, Cavite

Last Tuesday, I went to Dasmariñas City, a place located an hour away from Manila. It was for the third-sponsored screening of my documentary on autism, ALYANA as part of autism awareness campaign being conducted in the area. The City Social Welfare Office supported by the Hon. Mayor Jennifer Barzaga once more initiated the activity. Women leaders called the Kababaihan ng Dasmariñas sa Bagong Milenyo [KDBM] attended. As the venue is small, the screenings were held in the morning and in the afternoon. Both showings were preceded by Jan Peña’s lecture on “Early Detection of Autism.” She is the president of Autism Society Philippines-Dasma Chapter. Her son Muneer, an adult with autism participated by singing a birthday song for his Mom, who celebrated the day before the event. Muneer is suppose to be non-verbal, but according to Jan, he has started to speak little by little.

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Dasma4_Group foto

Anyhow, after the lecture and screening, participants were asked to react, comment or share their feelings towards the activity and the film. One of those who came forward was a tearful woman who sounded somewhat remorseful for not having given importance and taken good care of her son because of lack. And I believe, more so because of ignorance of autism condition. The lecture and the film showed what autism is, the plight of parents and their families, and what they should do in case they see one as community leaders. Learning about the condition for sure would have made her realize what she should have done had she known about it. Click below to see the reactions of some of KDBM members:


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