Weekly Photo Challenge: New_Guyabano Seed Sprout

January 5, 2015

When I first saw the seed sprouted, I did not recognize it: the form, the shape; even the leaves were unrecognizable. They were something quite new to me. I have never seen them before, the reason why I was prompted to take the shots below:

Guyabano 1

I have forgotten that I sowed some seeds of what we call here in the Philippines as “guyabano,” “soursop” or “custard apple” in English; guanábana in Spanish, “graviola” in Portuguese, “pawpaw” in Brazil and “corossol” in French. I then recalled enjoying its juicy and sweet taste the reason why I kept the seeds and sowed them one day. Every Wednesday when I go to Baclaran on its flea market day, I always see guyabano leaves being sold, and I wondered why because I never used to see them before.

Guyabano 2

I am not aware of the fruit’s medicinal qualities except for the vitamins that it provides just like any other fruit. Only today when I surfed about it that I came to know about its anti-cancer capabilities and other qualities. As an alternative, herbal plants are becoming more popular, it is no wonder that they are sold together with its fruit now. Its scientific name is annona muricata. [To read more about it and to see how it looks like, please click: Guyabano Health Benefits]



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