Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow_Catching the Sun

December 22, 2014

Late afternoon. Catching the sun while the car was on the move…



Yellow_3[Shot in Delaware, USA]



  1. Amazing photos. Did you mean to achieve the effect?

  2. No! It wasn’t intentional. That time I just marveled at the setting sun and its reflection on the rain-drenched road. They were shot instinctively and since it was the magic hour taking the shots were quickly done. Houses could soon block the view…I was quite excited when I saw the photos.

  3. Nice shots of the sun. I love the sun reflections in the road and I also love how the light also reflects in the clouds. 🙂

  4. Hi! The same thing caught my attention — the sun reflection on the road! In our country, it is common to see the setting sun on the sea or mountain horizons — but I do not remember seeing it reflected on the road. The rain helped in obtaining the effect.

  5. Do you now try to take photos like these, deliberately? Best not I think. Keep inventing.

  6. No!!! When I take photos, they are oftentimes instinctive. I shoot anything when I like the subject, the composition, texture, the lighting, color…any of those elements — without thinking of the technical aspects. Occasionally, I do it deliberately like for ex. for the WP refraction-reflection photo challenge [https://advocacine.wordpress.com/2014/10/20/weekly-photo-challenge-refractionreflection_experimentation/], and when I study the focus using different apertures and effects on the resolutions. Either way, I enjoy both especially running after butterflies or ants on plants to shoot. Hahaha! How about you?

  7. Pretty much like you. I shoot everyday often witj little or no hesitation. I wish i had the courage to snap people without thinking. Seems like an intrusion…

  8. Nice effects. The sun is constant in all 3 shots but the landscape changes, simply beautiful 🙂

  9. Everyday??? Wow! I salute you for that…Yes, I do agree that taking shots of people seem intrusive but I do take their photos — sometimes with permission; oftentimes candid! The latter comes out more interesting…

  10. It created the effect of flipping pages — as in animation… Thank you so much!!

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