ALYANA Screening at Bicol State College_December 13

December 12, 2014

As part of Autism Society Philippines-Naga City Chapter’s autism awareness and advocacy campaign, Alyana — A Study of Autism in the Philippines, my documentary on autism will be screened at the Bicol State College of Applied Sciences and Technology in Naga City, Bicol Province. The showing is scheduled tomorrow, December 13 from 8 am. To represent the National Office is Jan Peña, ASP Board of Trustee member. She left Manila last night for Naga City.

Mr. Santos Braga, president of ASP-Naga City Chapter is hosting the event. The group believes that the film will help raise their community’s awareness on the condition of persons with autism. And just like them, I know that our society will find it easier to embrace their children once they get to know what exactly autism is.

Alyana, by the way is my grandniece with autism. The film however, is not only about her. It is about ALL children/persons with autism. It covers from low function to high function / Asperger Syndrome cases like Gabby Atienza. He interestingly described his own condition as an aspie. Symptoms and causes, the plight of parents, even the doctor’s explanations and thoughts are included for better understanding of autism.

It will be the second time around for Alyana in Naga…


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