Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs_Of Steadfastness

October 5, 2014

The photos for this week’s challenge were shot in Ankara, Turkey.

I perceive beyond an action or stance something which may be different from your perception. What could be yours?

Ready at All Times

Seeing this Turkish soldier guarding the Ataturk Museum in Ankara, Turkey made me perceive the signs of steadfastness and loyalty to his duty

Ticket Office Guarded by Cat

In the same manner, I perceive this cat’s loyalty as assistant to his friend and Master as he joins  or “guards” her at the entrance ticket booth of Anadolu Medeniletyeri Muzesi or The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations also located in Ankara

One Ticket Please

“One ticket for her please!”

Exit from Museum

Exit Sign from the Museum

It is always enriching to visit a museum. Some friends get bored to death however… too bad for them!




  1. Love that cat and the smile.

  2. Quite sincere and natural …

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