Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity_Compassion

September 16, 2014

A Picture of Human Sadness and Aloneness that  Elicits not Only Humanity’s Compassion but Humanness Even from Animals that Know What Being Alone and What Life Without Love Is


Pitz as still as Mameng, an informal settler who was then taking a nap. Pitz is one dog who evokes the same emotions as us — he can be angry, happy, sad… There is humanness in his expressions. I’ve seen him in state of agitation, fear, anger. Pitz wants to be hugged, embraced, loved. He enjoys being with people. And he knows quite well how it is to be alone and lonely. Every time he has to be left alone at home, he feels sad and sulks…and feels extremely happy when he sees us back.




Mameng — in foetal position


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