Mom on Trial in Autistic Son’s Death

September 11, 2014

SAD NEWS from the USA re a Child with Autism —

NEW YORK (AP) — A multimillionaire mom killed her autistic 8-year-old son by forcing a toxic cocktail of painkillers and other drugs down his throat with a syringe in a luxury Manhattan hotel room, a prosecutor said as her murder trial opened Wednesday.

Prosecutors portray Gigi Jordan as a calm and calculating killer who poisoned her only child and then balanced her checkbook and transferred money out of his trust fund as he lay dead. Her defense says the pharmaceuticals entrepreneur was driven by fear and desperation to kill the boy and try to kill herself.

Jordan, 54, sat at the defense table as jurors heard the beginning of competing versions of a story her lawyers say she yearns to tell. Her son, Jude Mirra, was found dead of a drug overdose and Jordan was found incoherent in a $2,300-a-night suite strewn with over 5,800 prescription pills in February 2010.

Jordan plans to testify to explain “the tragedy of their collective life”: a boy with a mysterious medical condition, and a mother who scoured the country for treatment for him but came to feel their safety was at risk and murder-suicide the only solution, defense attorney Allan Brenner said.

[Please click to read the full article by Jennifer Peltz of Associated Press: Mom on trial in autistic son’s death]


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