2015 Hong Kong International Deaf Film Festival Call for Entries

August 18, 2014


Asian Deaf Cinema ConfThe 5th Hong Kong International Deaf Film Festival (HKIDFF5) is calling for submission of films for screening during the festival programme between 27 February 2015 to 1 Mar 2015. Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Deaf-friendly hearing film makers are encourage to submit their works on or before September 15, 2014.

Film(s) or video(s) that meet(s) one of the following criteria may be submitted:

1] any film or video with sign language produced/ directed/ acted by the Deaf and/or Hard-of-hearing people

2] any film or video portraying Deafhood/ the life of Deaf and/or Hard-of-hearing people

3] any film or video that discusses Deaf issues (e.g. Audism; Surdophobia; Oralism; Manualism; Sign Bilingualism; the usage of cochlear implant and hearing aids; Deaf Community, Culture and History; Sign Languages and Linguistic Genocide; Sign Interpretation; De’VIA; CODA)

4] any film that has had significant Deaf involvement

For the submission form and other details, please click the following link:

Call for_submission_form_HKIDFF5



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