Apolinario Mabini_Pule for Short

July 18, 2014

Currently preparing for Project Mabini in celebration of his 150th birth anniversary this year in partnership with DLS-CSB School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies. Will feature the school’s playgroup, Silent Steps led by Myra Medrana. Multimedia students of CSB-SDA are joining us. Target is September although Mabini’s birthday will already be celebrated next week.

Started with my research … been to Mabini Shrine PUP in Sta. Mesa, my first time to set foot in that school. I need to return to the National Library to see the rest of Mabini materials found in the Philippine Insurgent Records, and visit the Mabini Shrine in Tanauan, Batangas. Contacted a credible historian as consultant for the film.


Mabini Shrine inside the campus of PUP in Sta. Mesa.


While researching and reading more about Mabini, I have come to appreciate his role in Philippine history better. Kapita-pitagan! Kahanga-hanga! The SUBLIME PARALYTIC, they call him. Belonging to a peasant family, he went through college, and finished law on his own. He worked to support his studies. Not only PWDs should look up to him as an inspiration. All Filipinos, especially our corrupt leaders should emulate Apolinario Mabini; they should live with Mabini’s revolutionary thoughts and ideas in their hearts. They are the ones paralyzing our country by stealing the people’s money. Mabini and the real patriots were not paid as handsomely as the GOCC heads now. They lived poorly. Many were sent on exile. Good that there used to be the P10 bill carrying his image that reminded us of Mabini. Recently, even that has been pulled out from circulation.

Will be highlighting Mabini’s True Decalogue / Ang 10 Utos in our project. Erring politicians should be given copies to memorize and apply them in their lives. Dahil sila ay Kahiya-hiya! Kasuka-suka ang ginagawa. Bulsa muna bago ang bayan! Whereas Mabini repeatedly stressed on loving and serving the Country first, after God that is! Forget Self if you may! For if God is in their hearts, honesty and transparency will automatically be their course of action.

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