Manny Pacquiao_One Black Saturday On the Way to Zambales

April 27, 2014

A few days back during the Holy Week, on our way to Zambales, we saw Manny Pacquiao
Not in person though. Kundi isang HIGANTE!!!

Pacquiao Gigante

Said to have started during the Spanish regime, “higantes was influenced by the Mexican art form of paper-mache brought by the Spanish priests to the Philippines. The body of the traditional higante are made of bamboo and colorful cloth and its faces of paper mache.” [Source: Wikipedia] The Higantes Festival was the idea of Angono, Rizal artist Perdigon Vocalan. He was the father of Rembrandt, my former student at the UP Film Center and videographer for several of my advocacy projects.

Pacquiao Gigante2

That’s MANNY PACQUIAO, ang Pambansang Kamao. However, as “higante” you won’t be able to see his deadly fists. Higantes are made of paper mache, bamboo and colorful cloth. Recently, iron wires are being used.


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