Autism Walk 2014_with Alyana, Gio and Gabby

March 31, 2014

I finally found the time to post some of the photos that I snapped during ASP’s Autism Walk 2014 last January [!!! too late???]. It was part of the annual celebration of Autism Society Philippines’ Autism Consciousness Week. Well, better late than never, so they say.

Three of the featured PWA’s in my docu ALYANA–A Study of Autism in the Philippines were present: Alyana Cruz and Gio Koe, now both teenagers, and Gabby Atienza. Thousands more —truly many more than in the previous years attended … Noticeably, even the number of special guests have grown through the years. A very happy occasion indeed that empowered hundreds of families of persons with autism!

AW_Alyana w Koko

Alyana, Mom Eileen, Senator Koko Pimentel and Jill

AW_gio n hsy

Gio Koe and Mr. Henry Sy




[R to L]: Aspie Artist Gabby Atienza, Eileen with daughter Alyana, JR Tan with Mom Tiffany, ASP Board member

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AW_w Marines

As we had no specific group to join with, we went with the Marines!!!

AW_Walk starts


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  1. […] for my personal file, and, eventually for this blogsite. [Click to see my photos last year – Autism Walk 2014 with Alyana, Gio and Gabby]. This year, I have officially joined the Angel’s Walk Organizing Committee as Member of the […]

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