2011 Notes__Balyuan, Tacloban

February 22, 2014

Today, I found my unposted blog notes for September 17, 2011 written in Tacloban City:

BALYUAN means “exchange” of Sto. Ninos during old times between people from Samar and Tacloban. Right now, I am at Balyuan Convention Center in Tacloban City. Currently, ALYANA is showing [7.30 p.m.]. This is my second time to be in Tacloban City and my second time to be billeted at Leyte Normal University Hostel. Being here is a respite from Asiong, which has taken much of my time away from home physically draining my energy because of having to spend overnight shifts nearly everyday this past week. I hope to sleep well and longer tonight.

 The showing here is sponsored by ASP Tacloban Chapter and Leyte Normal University. Three screenings were scheduled. I arrived in the morning at past 10 a.m. Mostly students came over with sporadic presence of some parents.”

I remember the venue to be quite near the sea. Had it been whipped away by Typhoon Haiyan or Yolanda?? Hopefully not!

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