“Happy People”_ Day 03

August 17, 2013

It’s Day 03 of the shoot for the docu on Down Syndrome that we started shooting last Thursday with interviews of nearly 10 Moms including a Lola of Children with Down Syndome. We reached Subic rather late in the afternoon on our first day last Thursday, while last night’s shooting ended at nearly 9 pm. Anyhow, questions for interviewees next week — to a geneticist and Down Syndrome President– poured out from my head the other night. A sped teacher from the public school where we held the interview yesterday morning was also held. It wasn’t originally intended to but since we are in a sped setup I took the opportunity to interview the teacher at Kalalaki School in Zambales.

Our working title is “Happy People,” Children with Down Syndrome being lovable and seemingly a happy lot. Well, that I personally experienced and remember when I was doing Alyana, my first film on sped children, when so suddenly from nowhere, while awaiting for Ms. Therese Macapagal in Cupertino to ask for permission to shoot there, a child with Down Syndrome approached me and stroked my hair as if she knew me from long time back. It happened to be my first time to set foot there. That was in 2006.



  1. I would love to see the docu! 🙂

  2. Pray with us that interviewees cooperate to be able to come up with something we envisioned it to be…will inform you in case it gets to be shown. Thanks for your interest! Are you into sped education?

  3. Will pray. 🙂 Yes, a sPed teacher. I work here in sg as a behaviour therapist.

  4. Thank you! I need that! Your work sounds so challenging.
    Just want to tell you that I salute all sped teachers — the committed ones, most especially. They are so inspiring! Met a lot of them in my journey into the sped world…

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