A Mi Patria Joins Silent O and Ultimo Adios in Gallaudet University Archives

August 3, 2013

Last July 29, my family and I went to Gallaudet University located in Florida Avenue, Washington, D. C. to meet Ms. Diana Moore, the university Deaf Librarian Collections and Archives Head to donate a copy of “A mi Patria — 5 Selected Poems of Jose Rizal in Filipino Sign Language.” I also gave a copy of “Collection Building: Filipininana,” a compilation of my brother’s writings on Filipiniana. Ms. Moore toured us around the library and showed the exhibit on Peace Corps featuring the works of Deaf volunteers.

Edward Miner Gallaudet

Founder of Gallaudet University Edward Miner Gallaudet


With A mi Patria, I also gave Gallaudet’s Library a copy of “Collection Building: Filipiniana,” the last book I published on my brother’s compilation of writings on Filipiniana.


[L to R]: Tessie Juan, Even Dominguez, Diana Moore, MM; Behind are Angel Villafuerte, my niece Oying Villafuerte and nephew, Ronnie Medina

Gallaudet Souvenir

Souvenir from Gallaudet University Library and Archives

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