British Council Committed to Diversity

February 13, 2013

The British Council is committed to Diversity. It supports the Third Hong Kong International Deaf Film Festival with the aim of promoting Deaf culture and cultivating in the general public an understanding of it.

British Deaf sociologist Paddy Ladd coined the term “Deafhood”to denote the positive aspects of Deaf culture by rejecting the pathologisation of “deafness”.

In light of Deafhood, the Third Hong Kong International Deaf Film Festival is themed “Deafining Cultural Diversity, Becoming a Deaf Media Talent”, showcasing deaf films from the UK and around the world to celebrate the creativity of the Deaf people in making animation, documentaries and genre films via sign languages, while embracing the intersections between the Deafhood identity and other identities, such as sexual orientation, Muslim and Jewish identities. [To read the full article, click: http://www.britishcouncil.org/hongkong-creativity-and-society-hkidff.htm]

One of the films to be shown during the 3rd HKIDFF is :SILENT ODYSSEY” my documentary on Deaf Filipinos — their history, language and culture. It also touches issues on the use of sign language as index to Deaf identity and audism [Deaf discrimination]


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