WPC: Treehouse

February 9, 2013

Balai Mirana

This treehouse can be found in the beautiful island of Siquijor in Central Visayas, Philippines. It is a very cozy, airy treehouse where I love to stay and enjoy fresh air. Materials used were what we call “sawali,” an interwoven bamboo splits used as wallings, bamboos, “nipa” a type of palm-leaves used as roof thatches, and recycled coconut lumber. The bed was also made of bamboo. You can imagine how light and airy it would with those type of materials. There you’ll find as in the song “Somewhere” : Peace and Quiet and Open Air…

Balai Mirana2

Early photo of the newly built treehouse that I took;  no window panes as yet

It is the smallest but the most homey place to stay in Olang Arts Park. When I am there, I dream of flowering and herb plants around it. Below the house is a bench where a group could sit, chat, maybe play the guitar, or blog. But usually I just laze around and forget the city whenever I go there.

I first visited the Arts Park during the early part of its development. Its owner, a friend and colleague had asked me to visit the place again. But I jokingly told her and her partner that I won’t go back there until a treehouse is built for me. And that I said after imagining a treehouse amongst the not so many trees yet in the park.

After a year or so, when a tree was ready to carry loads of people, they actually built a treehouse! The most unexpected thing was to name it after me!!! Olala!!! Anyway, I hope to visit the place again this summer… [The first photo was taken by another dreamer, we call Spring. She loves to emote in that little corner of the park. Haha!]




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  4. I love treehouses, whis I had one in my garden…

  5. Oh really? Do you have a photo of your treehouse?

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