Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap

February 5, 2013

I prefer reading the actual book for several reasons:

1)      Physiologically, I find it difficult to stay long in front of the computer reading an ebook. I get dizzy after sometime especially when the fonts used are not sans serif type or too condensed. Even if I enlarge the view, the light tires my eyes fast.

2)      The touch, texture, smell of books give a certain attachment, closeness in terms of distance to the book, and the author itself especially when it is a faved book.

3)      Access to computers. We do not live in a wifi zone where I can access quite easily to the internet, and even though we have internet connections in the house, connection would still depend on the busy-ness of the air signal. Oftentimes, I have to wait for the internet connection. A book is readily available.

4)      I can’t take the computer or the laptop with me on bed to do the reading; with a book I can read until I buzz to sleep.

5)      It is easy to flip the pages back and forth compared with the computer; markers help us out.

6)      I can take the book anywhere to read – even in the comfort room, or a dungeon with light of course.

7)      It is always romantic to think of the age when computers were not yet invented; when candles and gas lamps are the only available lights at night.

8)      There is nothing like reading a book during monsoon period — over a cup of coffee, or gingered milk tea.

There are many more reasons why I prefer paperbacks but the reasons above are what immediately came to mind. HOWEVER, ebooks, I acknowledge have their own advantages. It is just for now, my preference are paperbacks. How about you?



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