Daily Prompt: Get Set, Ready, Go

January 26, 2013

Yesterday, it was like attending a rally. With Macky Calbay, a Deaf youth leader, we walked from one building to the other, in the campus of the University of the Philippines to hang tarpaulins, print posters, distribute flyers, talk to partners who have joined us to support the screening of my film A MI PATRIA / INANG-BAYAN / TO MY MOTHERLAND next week on February 3. It is a collection of Dr. Jose Rizal’s patriotic poems written between the time he was a teener to the day or a couple of days before he was shot to death by a firing squad on December 30, 1896 during the Spanish regime in the Philippines. My film is the first-ever interpretation in Filipino Sign Language after more than 100 years of our National Hero’s poems, as follows: A Filipinas, A la Juventud Filipina, Canto de Maria Clara, A las Flores de Heidelberg and Ultimo Adios. Though primarily made with the Deaf sector in mind, the film eventually turned out to serve also the Blind and ordinary students of Rizal Studies. I decided to make the spoken language versions of the film in Spanish, Filipino and English.

Anyhow, running around to market my own film is one of the experiences, we makers of non-commercially viable films encounter. With no-name actors and made for a marginalized sector, I nevertheless expect unexpected reactions as I always tend to choose subjects never before tackled.



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