Daily Prompt: Quote Me

January 7, 2013

“What is happening to you is not the problem. It is your attitude to what is happening that is the problem.”

I don’t remember where I read and got this quotation but it has served me and saved me from a lot of “internal” worries. So much so, that I have made three copies and tacked them in corners of the house where I work or sit most of the time during  the troublesome phase in my life to remind me and fortify myself emotionally. It became a favorite and a useful quote that I share with friends in trouble, who suffer from undue worry.

One concrete example that I can share with you is when we lost our house and everything in it because of the fire caused by faulty electrical wiring that occurred — of all places, in my room. I wasn’t there when it happened. When I returned, our neighbor’s houses, about 10 of them were also gone. The blame was put on us. Outside the family, nobody would want to talk to me, I started feeling like an outcast. But who’d want that to happen in the first place? Had I known I would have transferred my most valuable documents and things, right? But knowing that I am not guilty of anything, understanding and recognizing that the neighbor’s reactions are actually affecting me negatively, I worked on using reverse psychology — in myself. Putting into heart the above quotation, I first thought and only focused on God as the One and Only to cling to. At that point when I was in “Me Against the World” mode, I fortified myself by turning to the Supreme Power and by taking a positive attitude that shielded me from negative ambiance. Coupled with another quotation, I tacked a verse from the Bible that gave me added unexplainable “power” through Faith: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Acceptance of the loss was the key and negative attitude of others the peripherals, a natural human reaction. I must not be affected as persecution complex would just prosper and overpower me. I disregarded them and what they were thinking and focused on rebuilding our house again. With God in me, positive thinking, and positive mental attitude, I survived! And soon in talking terms with those same neighbors again…

12 years since then, I still have the two quotations tacked on the wall in my room.


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