Daily Prompt / At the Stroke of Midnight Let’s Float!

January 2, 2013

At the stroke of midnight, I was home preparing for family and a few friends a form of rice dumpling  we call “palitaw”. The word originated from Tagalog word “litaw” meaning to float or rise. It was passed on to me as a traditional practice to cook Palitaw_CUas part of welcoming the New Year with the age-old belief that it will help bring luck and a prosperous New Year, as such be able to “float in life.” They are made from white, sticky, grinded rice we call “malagkit,” rolled and flattened like flat disks using the hands. When ready, they are dropped into the boiling water until they float. They will then be taken out, dipped again in cold water, then later would have the last drop of water dripped out on a strainer. They are then lined up on banana leaves [optional, see below] where grated coconut would either be sprinkled on them, or they will be dipped in them. Toasted sesame seeds are spread on top of the coconut followed by sugar. It is best with brown muscovado sugar which is made of sugar cane. In many ways and form, the sticky rice is cooked and served in many Philippine houses; stickiness denotes family bonding, belief says.

Palitaw_w fruits

“Palitaw” – ready to be dropped in boiling water after which grated coconut, roasted sesame seeds and sugar will be put. Notice the different types of fruits in the background: 12 in number, a must in any traditional Philippine house when celebrating New Year representing 12 months of the year

Similarly, sticking to Daily Prompts and WordPress Photo Challenges are bonding activites that makes our world and the WP community closer. Happy New Year to WP Family members! May you ALL Float in whatever endeavor you are to do this 2013!

Above all else, for all their efforts to make the blogosphere alive and lively, I would like to thank WordPress for being a part of our life!



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