DP: Flawed / Dilly Dally

December 14, 2012

No one’s perfect, that I believe; and it is that imperfection that would help us reflect on the negative qualities that we have. So, to answer what my worst quality is, a list pops up which may not jibe with the best of my friend’s list though. To answer anyhow, I focus on what comes to mind first.

You see, I have “the habit of putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention. In other words, I procrastinate. If not, I dilly dally. I wait for better times, so to say.”Saka na lang,” as we say in our language. I’ll do it later. Because of that, how many times have I thought of ideas to write and publish, or else make into a film but because of putting off, of waiting for something which oftentimes doesn’t really come, others come to think of the same idea – after me – the big difference being the fact that they pursue to realize what’s in their mind as soon as they thought about its novelty, uniqueness or importance. The happy thing is, I have since overcome such bad habit. Now, even if I know that I would take time to realize an idea, I start to do it, once I am convinced that it will work. I stopped dilly dallying.

However, there are other aspects in my life when dilly dallying still makes me guilty somehow… like seeing doctors. For example, I was so afraid to see a doctor for a breast check up. Breast cancer is number one killer disease of women here in our country.  I felt something was wrong on the right side of my breast. It took me a lot of time — months in fact — before I finally went to see a doctor only to find out that No! the problem was on my breast’s left side. That’s the one to be monitored. Yesterday, in a follow-up check up, I was told that the “stone / lump” under observation became smaller. I’ll have a happier Christmas with less to worry about because of that findings. Moral lesson on this matter is dilly dallying causes undue worry. Face the problem head on!! Do not be afraid of doctors, of the truth, rather.



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