Weekly Photo Challenge-Thankful / Viva San Clemente!

November 25, 2012

Every November 23rd the coastal town of Angono in Rizal, also known as the Arts Capital of the Philippines celebrates the feast of Saint Clement, patron saint of the fishermen. It’s the resident’s way of remembering and giving thanks to their patron saint for the blessings that they enjoy, for the bountiful life that they continue to receive. One tradition that they have maintained is the Gigantes Festival. On the 22nd, parades were held sans water; the next day, unexpectedly, our host Nemiranda Jr. brought us to join the crowd not knowing that it is being celebrated like St. John the Baptist Day in Manila; people must get wet! Emmie Liwanag, my long lost friend who was so adamant in getting wet, got doused with water more that I did. The belief is one must get wet to obtain the blessings from St. Clement! It was a memorable day for us!

Shot from the house of National Artist CV Francisco turned into a Shrine

Remarkable in this town are the presence of relief sculptures based on National Artist Carlos Francisco’s works; the sculptures line up on the street that leads to the Church of San Clemente

One of the so many relief sculptures gracing the main street of Angono


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