Deaf Awareness Week 2012: Pursuing the Rights of the Deaf

November 20, 2012

DAW [Deaf Awareness Week] was officially celebrated from November 10-17. Since I was knocked down by fever and heat-related problems during that time, my focus went hayward…I couldn’t function the way I used to. I felt like in a house arrest. Even going to the doctor made me feel like a zombie.

Yesterday, I did try to act “normal” by going out for a few hours but I didn’t succeed. When I reached home, I was knocked down again — to stay on bed. For two weeks, I felt I have been losing so much time; quite a helpless feeling to be physically weak. Anyway, to feel good I just think that God is telling me to slow down – and give importance to health.

But it is better late than never. In relation to DAW 2012 Celebrations –below is an article by Miraluna Tacadao of Philippine Online Chronicles:


Her last paragraph talks about the launching of FSL Module which I believe is quite important and really a move towards the right direction.

“Filipino Sign Language-module launched

Recently, the Department of Health Center for Health Development (DOH-CHD) in NCR launched the first Filipino Sign Language (FSL) Module. According to DOH-CHD NCR Director Eduardo C. Janairo, the module will be used by health workers in understanding and communicating with patients with hearing disabilities.
“We need to introduce FSL in our health care system and strengthen its use for the benefit of people who have difficulty hearing or speaking. Health workers will also benefit from using this module as it will enrich their knowledge, skills and awareness on the needs of people using FSL as their communication,” he said.

The module includes alphabet, numbers, greetings, time, days, months and common questions asked in the emergency room, and using simple gestures, that will enable health workers to have simple interaction with hearing impaired patients. The FSL module was developed with the cooperation and support of the Philippine Deaf Resource Center, University of the Philippines-Philippine General Hospital, CAP College for the Deaf, De La Salle University-College of Saint Benilde and the Department of Education-National Capital Region.”


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